Verification system

Everyone knows the serious problem of production and circulation of counterfeit and fake goods. This problem is especially urgent for pharmaceutical industry, manufacture and sale of automotive parts, expensive food, expensive things, products, etc. And it’s not a secret to which negative consequences the black market existence and activity drives to.

To protect their products from counterfeiting manufacturers use different methods:

  • high-price manufactured goods form and packaging, holographic stickers;
  • create and support corporate database of their products with the serial number identification;
  • other expensive methods that make possibility of counterfeiting difficult, but do not exclude it.

One possible option to control shadow market of counterfeit and fake goods is a common Universal System of Goods Verification of goods (USGV). Using USGV system online a customer can check the originality of the goods registered in the Database of the Original Goods.

USGV system generates a unique identification codes for each unit of the registered goods and for each consignment. This happens during the goods registration in database by the manufacturer.

Derived identification codes are applied to each unit of product or on its packaging in the form of two-dimensional bar code. This involves using a method that eliminates the possibility of copying labels and reusing them to produce counterfeit and adulterated goods.

While choosing a product a buyer has the opportunity to read the label on the product, send a request to the USGV system and get a response – whether this product is registered in database or not. He can do this using a personal mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.)

In addition to the check of originality of the goods USGV system completes the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and control in the field of distribution and sale of goods.
  • Registration of facts of counterfeit and adulterated products appearance in a market and tracing this appearance location.
  • Organization of effective targeted advertising.
  • Effective informational loopback from customers to sellers registered in USGV.
  • Organization of bonus programs and actions for buyers and sellers of goods.
  • Effective and efficient marketing and statistical research.