Contact number

This service includes a “Virtual Fax”. When you choose “Always Connected” tariff plan you get the following features in addition:

  • receive voice messages from your customers to your mailbox (voicemail);
  • organize voice menus of any complexity.

You get a Moscow number, for example (495) 959-2949, which is given in the advertisement, and all calls are redirected to your existing phone number (eg, MGTS or mobile).

Calls to this number are automatically forwarded and connected to you. It is possible to record a voice greeting like:
“Hello! To Company AAA. Press 1 to connect with the sales department, press 2 to connect with the accounting, press 3 to leave a voice message or fax or stay on the line. “

The difference between this service an standard phone line is that the “Contact Number” is always with you wherever you move.