Virtual fax

You are provided with a Moscow phone number to receive and send faxes.

  • An urgent need to send a fax, and you do not have a fax machine?
  • It is necessary to receive a fax, and a paper roll in the fax machine is over?
  • You have to call back several times because sending fax is “failed”?

The Virtual fax service is intended to solve these problems.

You can send and receive faxes without a phone line and fax machine from any location using this service.

The advantages of “virtual fax”:

  • do not need a fax machine;
  • saving time and consumables;
  • employees are not distracted by sending and receiving faxes;
  • a fax immediately gets in your e-mail box;
  • send a fax is as easy as sending email or print the document;
  • you have online access to sent and received faxes archive always;
  • voice greeting when receiving faxes.

How to receive faxes:

  • you are provided with the fixed phone number (code 495/499);
  • Facsimiles coming to this number are accepted by fax server and sent to you by e-mail;
  • Installation of additional equipment in your office is not required.

Test fax reception

There two ways to send a fax.

  1. By email – you send an e-mail with attachments (PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG) to a special address, in which the number of the recipient contains, then the fax server sends the facsimile from the phone number assigned to you.
  2. Using a virtual fax printer.
    • Install the agent program for sending faxes to your computer.
    • Open the document you want to fax and print it on your “Virtual Fax” printer.
    • Fax agent will ask the phone number you want to send the document and after that this document will be sent to the number indicated.

Test fax sending

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