Corporate IP-PBX
IP-АТС в распределенном офисе IP-АТС в распределенном офисе

Virtual corporate PBX (IP-PBX) allows “transparent” unification of remote offices telephone networks regardless of the current telephone network infrastructure.

The advantages of virtual corporate IP-PBX.

  • A single dial plan across all branches. Each employee can be accessed by the internal (short) number anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Zero cost calls to the IP-PBX extensions when connected to the Internet.
  • Free from equipment binding – IP-PBX can be located in your office as well as in the data center provider.
  • Ease of programming and maintenance – does not require special software, cables, etc.
  • The number of simultaneous calls processed depends only on the IP-PBX CPU power. To connect the new extension is enough to get VoIP-gateway with the correct number of ports and connect it to the IP-PBX via IP-network.
  • Repair and maintenance of a common corporate PBX is based on a single service contract. In the case of a network of several PBXs you have to enter into several service contracts.
  • The company’s branches do not need to have a qualified IT-staff, because the administration is carried out from a single center.
  • Virtual corporate IP-PBX has a standard features of traditional PBX, and a lot of extra services.

IP-PBX Communication scenarios.

There are plenty of different scenarios for integrating IP-PBX in your communications infrastructure. They depend on the goals that you want to achieve with the IP-PBX. We have identified their main types for your convenience. You can select any of the standard options, and we will modify it to suit your needs.

Typically, customers have the following objectives:

  • Option 1 – replacing outdated or non-extendible traditional PBX;
  • Option 2 – connect remote offices in the network without installing a traditional PBX;
  • Option 3 – increased functionality and numbering capacity of the traditional PBX;
  • Option 4 – communication between two or more traditional PBX.

IP-PBX itself can be placed in a dedicated server, which will be in your office, and on our shared hosting. With comparison table you can choose the best option.