Offices consolidation

We offer you a up-to-date and cost-effective solution for creating corporate networks of geographically distributed organizations, based on the use of VPN technology (Virtual Private Network). Instead of the traditional connections of offices using dedicated channels (“each to each” principle), VPN technology provides an opportunity to organize your company’s isolated virtual network by the Internet infrastructure.

VPN technology allows you to:

  • reduce your costs for communication services and corporate network maintenance;
  • connect new offices to the general corporate network easily;
  • protect from unauthorized access;
  • organize a remote home and country offices.

Technical information.

For joining the offices (branches) we use a well-proven equipment from manufacturers like Cisco, Linksys, ZyXEL, Draytek which are fully compatible with current VPN standard – IPSec.

You can combine offices (branches) which are physically connected to the networks of different providers using IPSec VPN. It is a major advantage of this technology.

IPSec VPN uses the latest encryption algorithms to prevent unauthorized access.

More information about the VPN standards